Let’s Talk iOS 315: Favorite iOS 13 tips and features

Several weeks in, Cody and Sebastien share their favorite tips and features of iOS 13. From obvious ones to more obscure settings, there is something for everyone in here. And not to mention that the two co-hosts are full of jokes today…

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Cody’s tips

  • Dark Mode
  • Swipe to input text
  • Silence unknown callers
  • Setup Messages profile
  • Look Around in Maps
  • Grab full page screenshots
  • Animoji / Memoji stickers
  • Automatically close Safari tabs
  • Siri suggestions

Sebastien’s tips

  • Quick wiggle mode
  • Turn keyboard into trackpad
  • Gestures to copy, cut, paste, undo, redo
  • Quick camera settings
  • Privacy settings when sharing photos
  • Quickly access Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices from Control Center
  • Scroll faster on any screen
  • Disable link previews in Safari
  • Quickly go to the Updates tab of the App Store

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