Apple Music, Radio, and Beats 1 experiencing issues [Updated: Resolved]

Monday has been a busy day for Apple. The company not only launched the new AirPods Pro, but also released iOS 13.2. But it turns out some of its online services are experiencing persistent issues.

UpdateApple has updated its system status page to reflect that the intermittent issues plaguing some users of Apple Music, Beats 1, and Radio have been resolved.

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Everything must balance, apparently, as Apple’s own system status page has confirmed that Apple Music, Radio, and Beats 1 are all experiencing some intermittent issues. Specifically, Apple says the problems began around 10:30 AM PT (1:30 PM ET), and that, at the time of publication, the issues are all still listed as “ongoing”.

However, just what the problem is remains unknown. Apple doesn’t typically disclose that information, simply putting the issue down in the briefest way possible. Here’s how each issue is listed on the system status page:

  • Apple Music: Some users are affected. Some users may be experiencing issues with certain features of the music service.
  • Beats 1: Some users are affected. Users may be experiencing a problem with this service.
  • Radio: Some users are affected. Users may be experiencing intermittent issues with this service.

Slightly different language in each instance, but ultimately saying the same thing. This has bene going on for a couple of hours now already, and it doesn’t say when the issues will be fixed. However, we just wanted to get it out there that if you’re experiencing some problems with Apple Music, Beats 1, or Radio it’s not just you.

When Apple clears up the issue, we will update this post accordingly.