Apple’s notarization for Mac apps experiencing delays following macOS Catalina launch

Ahead of the launch of macOS Catalina, Apple temporarily eased notarization requirements for developers, and reminded them of the new requirements.

And since the notarization rule is set in stone, developers need to follow it to make sure their apps are able to run on the desktop operating system. And with so many developers out there, perhaps it’s not too surprising to hear that the servers handling the notarization submission are running a bit slower than expected.

Many developers have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns, as noted today by MacRumors. John Balestrieri, a developer at Tin Rocket, said, “It took Apple’s servers 10 hours to notarize my app for macOS Catalina. Hoping this delay is temporary—a few months ago it only took a hour”.

Ross Tulloch is the developer behind Mac apps Pro Find and Blue Harvest, and he said on Twitter, “I think Apple’s notarization server may have died under the Catalina induced load. I submitted a dmg 4+ hours ago. Still ‘in progress’.”

Apple’s system status page for developers indicates that the Developer ID Notary Service has been experience performance issues since late in the afternoon on Wednesday, October 9. Apple’s system status page for developers says:

Users may be experiencing issues with the service. We are working to resolve the problem.

There is no word on when the performance issues will be ironed out, but it sounds like that when they are things will be back to normal. So if you’re a macOS developer and you’ve faced similar delays with Mac notarization, hopefully it will get better soon.