Apple offers a Disaster Relief Program for Apple Card customers

The Apple Card is billed as a credit card for consumers, not for banks, in that it offers a more customer-focused approach than most other credit cards. And it turns out the Apple Card also has a Disaster Relief Program as well.

MacRumors has the report on Wednesday, which is based on emails sent out to potential Apple Card customers. Interestingly, Apple determined that the customer was in an area impacted by the weather, and, as such, sent out an email suggesting they apply for the Disaster Relief Program that’s part of the Apple Card.

Here’s an image taken from the email sent out by Apple:

According to Apple, these are the benefits someone can expect:

  • No interest for two months, starting with the month you enroll. After two months, your standard purchase APR will apply.
  • You can skip the payment due in the month you enroll.
  • If your account is in good standing, you will remain current while enrolled.
  • If your account is past due, your account will not go further delinquent while enrolled. However, your account will remain paste due until you make all of your past due payments and your ability to make new purchases may continue to be restricted.

Apple suggests that someone who is interested in applying for the Disaster Relief Program should get in touch with an Apple Card Specialist after they’ve received the initial email.

As noted above, Apple’s email was sent to a customer who was affected by a powerful storm, in this case flooding. It stands to reason that Apple is using the customer’s registered home address to determine if they are in an area impacted by this sort of thing. While flooding was the reason for this email, other natural disasters and weather-related events would probably be covered, too, including tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires.