U.S. congress seeking information from Spotify regarding Apple’s alleged anticompetitive behavior

Spotify believes Apple conducts itself in anticompetitive behavior on a regular basis, and has been trying to get a lot more people to agree with that view.

Fees associated with the App Store and how they impact developers trying to sell their goods out of Apple’s digital storefront is at the core of the issue for Spotify, along with other issues. So much so that Spotify filed an antitrust complaint against Apple in Europe earlier this year. That has extended into the United States as well, with Congress looking to weigh in in its own way.

Reuters has the report on Friday, saying that the United States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee is seeking documentation from Spotify that relate to Apple’s alleged anticompetitive pursuits.

The U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee reached out to the music streaming service with broad requests for information, according to one source, who added the request to the company was narrowed in follow up telephone calls.

One of the other issues that Spotify, and other developers, has taken umbrage with is the fact that Apple will not let apps inform customers that they can subscribe to their services out of the App Store. Apple’s reasoning here is that it would bypass the in-app purchase rules in place in the App Store, and Apple’s cut of that earning.

In July, Apple officially responded to Spotify’s complaint, saying, in part, that it “welcomes competition” for its own products with apps sold out of its own storefront.

This is an issue that’s not going to go away anytime soon. What do you think? Is Apple actively working in anticompetitive behavior?