Amazon Prime Video app disappears from the App Store [Updated]

It looks like one of Amazon‘s most popular apps is currently not available in the App Store.

UpdateTurns out it was all a technical glitch, and that has been resolved. As such, the Amazon Prime Video app is now available again from the iOS and tvOS App Store.

The original story continues below.

The relationship between Apple and Amazon has been contentious in the past, but it was pretty recently that they appeared to patch things up. As a result of that Apple saw its products available on the digital storefront’s shelves. And the Amazon Prime Video app has become a popular source of streaming content for many iOS users out there in the wild.

But, at the time of publication, finding that app in the App Store is not possible. That’s because it’s no longer searchable on either the iOS App Store or the tvOS App Store. It’s simply gone. And, based on a variety of reports, it looks like it disappeared from the stores earlier this morning, around 11:40 AM Eastern Time (via AppleInsider).

There is currently no known reason why the Amazon Prime Video app is no longer available in Apple’s app stores. However, a quick search in the iOS App Store does reveal other Amazon-branded apps, including Amazon Photos, Amazon Music, and more.

Some iOS and tvOS users have even reported that the Amazon Prime Video they already have installed on their devices is not working either. However, we’ve tried out the app on iOS –on two separate devices– and the app appears to be working just fine. For now, at least, and that’s running the most recently released public version of iOS 13.

It’s worth noting that while you can’t search for the app, and it’s not discoverable in the App Store right now, you can still find it if you’ve downloaded it in the past in your previous purchases. You should still be able to download and use the app, as long as you’ve downloaded it at some point in the past.

This seems like a bug, especially considering the app isn’t completely wiped out of the App Store altogether. As for why this is happening, that remains to be known. Still, it’s an odd thing to happen.