How to Restrict a user in the Instagram app

Restricted Accounts Instagram

Instagram is rolling out a new feature that will allow you to Restrict (shadow-ban) another Instagram user. The feature comes with the intent to reduce the bullying that is apparently a big problem, especially among younger users. Instagram found that many people are reluctant to block or report others who are being offensive.

If you’ve just updated the Instagram app on iOS and want to use this new feature, we’ll show you how to Restrict a user in the Instagram app.

Restricting a user on Instagram

Here’s a summary of what the feature does along with  different ways you can enable it.

What does the Restrict feature do?

According to Instagram, if you Restrict another user it will:

  • Keep that user from seeing when you’re online or read their messages.
  • Make their comments on your posts only visible to them unless you tap See Comment to read it or Approve it for all to read.
  • Eliminate notifications when you receive future comments from that user.
  • Move their direct messages to you to Message Request.

The hope is that once you Restrict another user, you will feel safer and not have to feel bullied when you use Instagram.

Restrict is designed to empower you to quietly protect your account while still keeping an eye on a bully.

Restrict a user in your settings

An easy way to Restrict one or more users is in your Instagram Settings. Open the app and follow these steps.

1) Tap the Profile button at the bottom and then the Menu button on the top right.

2) Select Settings and then Privacy.

3) Under Connections, tap Restricted Accounts.

Settings Privacy Restricted Accounts Intagram

4) If you see a summary of the Restrict feature, check it out and then tap Continue.

5) Use the Search box to find the user, then select them and tap Restrict.

Restrict User Search Instagram

Restrict a user with their profile

Another way to Restrict a user is to head to their profile and then do the following.

1) Tap the More (three-dot icon) button on the top right of the user’s profile.

2) Select Restrict.

3) When you see the summary for the feature, tap Restrict Account.

Restrict User Profile Instagram

Restrict a user with a direct message

If you have a direct message from a user you want to Restrict, you can do it there as well.

1) Select the message and tap the Information (small letter “i”) button.

2) Choose Restrict and then Restrict Account.

Restrict User Messages Instagram

Restrict a user with their comment

One more way to Restrict a user is to take action on one of their comments on your post.

1) Swipe left on their comment and tap the Information button.

2) Tap Restrict and then Restrict Account.

Wrapping it up

If you feel like you’re being bullied or offended when using Instagram, this is the feature you want to use. No one should feel intimidated when using a social app like Instagram to connect with friends.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. For more on the campaign, you can visit Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center or Stomp Out Bullying online.