Amazon’s AirPods competitor said to feature fitness tracking and cost less than $100

Way back in April of this year, there was a report that said that Amazon was working on its own truly wireless headphones, bringing yet another competitor to Apple’s reigning AirPods.

Now, months later, the rumors are back. CNBC has the report this time around, detailing what Amazon is reportedly working on and could even debut this Wednesday during a planned hardware event. The report states that voice-control with Amazon’s Alexa will be available in the wireless headphones, and health tracking features will be available, too.

That will primarily focus on fitness-related tracking, according to the report. The headphones will apparently feature a built-in accelerometer, and they will be able to track distance, pace, and calories burned.

This report says that Amazon is going to price these headphones under $100 (which could very well mean $99), which would make them less expensive compared to AirPods and other wireless headphones out there. However, there is still some debate on whether or not these headphones will actually be truly wireless, or if they’ll have a cable connecting the headphones.

That aforementioned report from back in April said these new Amazon-branded headphones would “look and act similar to AirPods”, though, so unless something has changed in that regard that seems like what we should expect to see.

In addition to the new headphones, Amazon is also reportedly going to unveil a new Echo smart speaker that will feature a built-in woofer and improved speakers when compared to previous models.

Amazon’s hardware event is slated to happen this Wednesday, September 25. Are you looking forward to seeing what the company has to offer?