iOS 13’s Audio Sharing feature will support more Beats headphones with H1 and W1 chips

One of the new features coming to iOS 13.1, which is set to launch on Tuesday, September 24, is Audio Sharing. And more Beats-branded headphones will offer support in the near future.

As Apple describes the Audio sharing feature, it’s billed right now as a way to pair more than one set of AirPods to a single phone and listen to the same audio together without having to split up one pair of AirPods. The feature is also supported by the Powerbeats Pro as well.

But it looks like the feature will expand to support additional headphones — namely, Beats-branded headphones equipped with the W1 or H1 chip. That’s based on a report from Engadget today, which says:

If you fondly remember the days of plugging in a headphone splitter and listening to music together with a friend, iOS 13 offers a similar option for Bluetooth headphones with Audio Sharing. Soon that feature will be available on a wide variety of Beats headphones as well as Apple AirPods.

The report confirms that the feature will expand to cover all Beats headphones that feature the H1 and W1 chips inside. That means if you own the BeatsX, Studio3 Wireless, Solo3 Wireless, and the Powerbeats3 Wireless, you’ll be able to use the Audio Sharing feature in the very near future as well.

In the original report, it states that this expansion “will be available on Beats headphones from September 23rd”. However, it’s worth noting that Apple is set to launch iOS 13.1, which brings the Audio Sharing feature to the public, on Tuesday, September 24.

Either way, it arrives next week. Are you excited about this particular feature, especially now that it will support additional (Beats) headphones?