Add useful new options to your Home screen’s 3D Touch menus with 3DTools

Whether you have a handset that already supports 3D Touch or Haptic Touch out of the box or you’re using a jailbreak tweak to simulate similar features on an unsupported handset, chances are you’ve used the Home screen-centric app icon menus at least once in your travels.

This interface is somewhat lacking on a bone-stock handset, but with the help of a newly released tweak called 3DTools by iOS developer smokin1337, you can add several useful new items to these menus that promise to augment your Home screen usage exponentially.

As you might’ve noticed in the screenshot examples above, 3DTools features both a dark and light mode, but it also brings a heap of fresh menu items that weren’t there before, such as:

  • Toggle notification banners on or off for this app
  • Toggle notifications on or off for this app
  • Lock or unlock this app
  • Clear this app’s caches
  • Clear this app’s missed notification badge
  • Uninstall this app

In this particular case, the app icon in question is none other than the Settings app, and these new options stack on top of the native Battery, Cellular Data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth shortcuts.

As you might come to expect, these options appear for every app on your Home screen, complementing even those one-off apps that have no discernible use for these 3D Touch and Haptic Touch-based menus.

Once you install 3DTools, you’ll find a dedicated preference pane in the Settings app where you can configure the tweak to your liking:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle individual menu items on or off:
    • Uninstalling apps
    • Clearing notification badges
    • Clearing caches
    • Locking and unlocking apps
    • Toggle notifications on or off for apps
    • Toggling banners on or off for apps
  • Hide app icon badges system-wide
  • Hide widgets from these menus for more space
  • Hide the native ‘Share this app’ option from menus

At first glance, 3DTools looks to be a solid upgrade over any stock iOS installation, and those interested in trying the tweak out for themselves can snag it from the Packix repository in Cydia or Sileo for $1.99. 3DTools plays nicely with all jailbroken iOS 12 devices, and should also work on handsets that don’t normally support 3D Touch/Haptic Touch as long as a simulation tweak is installed on it.

Do you think 3DTools is worth adding to your tweak arsenal? Let us know by dropping a comment down below.