Experience the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro in AR

Apple's AR experience for the iPhone 11

Apple is a fan of augmented reality (AR), so it isn’t too surprising that the company is showcasing the technology on its website to help show off the brand new iPhone 11 series.

If you load up Apple’s official landing page for the iPhone 11 Pro on your iOS device and scroll down a bit, you will see an option just below the initial description for the handset that will let you “See iPhone 11 Pro in AR”. If you select that option, you’ll be transitioned over to a white backdrop with the iPhone 11 Pro front-and-center.

On that first screen you will be able to manipulate the iPhone 11 Pro on the screen. You can spin it around, so you can see either the front or the back, and even turn it on its head to see the bottom of the phone, the sides, or the top.

Once you find the right position for the phone, you can then switch to the AR mode that will put the iPhone 11 Pro as a digital representation in the real world. You can see it pictured just below:

This is a pretty cool way to see how the phone will look in the real world, giving potential buyers a way to scope out the size of the handset. In this case, that is the iPhone 11 Pro caught in the AR experiment. It doesn’t look like you can choose the iPhone 11 Pro Max, unfortunately.

The same AR experience is available for the iPhone 11, though. Just remember you have to visit the site from your mobile device to see it.

It’s a nice little touch for folks that enjoy augmented reality and want to play around with an iPhone 11 in some capacity before the phone actually launches.

Which iPhone 11 model are you planning on buying?