iPhone 11 Pro models come with an 18W USB-C power adapter and Lightning to USB-C cable in the box

Here's what's in the iPhone 11 Pro's box

Apple did not announce that the newest iPhone lineup has made the switch to USB-C, but that doesn’t mean the iPhone 11 Pro is missing out on the USB-C love completely.

Now that the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are officially official, we know that the handsets feature a faster 18W USB-C power adapter to handle charging. Which means that Apple had to make a change to the stock Lightning cable that comes in the box as well, switching things up to a Lightning to USB-C cable for the newest high-end smartphones.

This is just a feature and hardware switch for the iPhone 11 Pro series, though. If you plan on buying an iPhone 11, which is replacing the iPhone XR, your phone will come with the 5W power adapter in the box and a Lightning to USB-A cable.

Does this hint that Apple is slowly (so slowly) transitioning to a USB-C port for the iPhone lineup? Maybe! It does feel like a safe move in that direction. And hey, this means you’ll be able to plug your iPhone 11 Pro and/or iPhone 11 Pro Max directly into your newer model MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro! So that’s exciting. Right?