iPhone 11 Pro may feature 13% faster 4G LTE speeds compared to iPhone XS

When Apple executives took the stage at the “by innovation only” event and showed off the iPhone 11 Pro, they confirmed that the handset will feature faster gigabit-class 4G LTE. And while that means the new iPhones are capable of faster network speeds than previous phones, the company didn’t go into any detail.

And then swoops in SpeedSmart.net (via MacRumors), which tweeted out yesterday that the iPhone 11 Pro does indeed have faster 4G LTE download speeds, at least when compared to the 2018 flagship iPhone XS series. The site says that the iPhone 11 Pro sees a 13% speed increase when compared to those handsets.

The results show network download speeds from the four major wireless carriers in the United States (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon), and show pretty fast speeds across the board. However, it looks like T-Mobile and Verizon edge out both Sprint and AT&T as far as overall speeds are concerned.

SpeedSmart.net says the tests were conducted with their official app, and the image indicates that the data was gathered between August 9 and September 9 of this year.

We’ll have to wait and see how other outfits out there in the wild with their own review units fare with this test. Still, based on this image, it looks like iPhone 11 Pro users should expect a bump in their network performance, which is a good thing if it pans out.

Do you plan on upgrading to an iPhone 11 Pro?