Apple Watch Studio will let you choose the band and case you want before you buy

Apple on Tuesday talked up the Apple Store experience.

Customization is a new focus for the Apple Store experience. With the Apple Watch Series 5, you can choose to use the Apple Watch Studio to pair the exact Apple Watch case and Apple Watch band you want — before you buy. The new experience is available both in the physical retail stores and online.

No longer have to buy an Apple Watch with a stock band in the box, and then spend extra to get a single band you might want later.

With Apple trade-ins, Apple is making some changes. The current iPhone can be used as a credit to get a new model. There will be new, low monthly payment options for countries all across the globe when getting a new device.

On September 20 (iPhone launch date), Apple will be hosting the biggest reopening for the Apple Store at Fifth Avenue in New York City. This store has been under construction since 2017. The whole store has been redesigned, making it taller and wider — it’s now the biggest Apple Store.