Greg Joswiak says Touch ID isn’t going anywhere just yet

Despite the fact that Apple has opted to adopt Face ID as its go-to biometric security measure for its most high-end devices, it appears that the company is not quite ready to give up on Touch ID just yet.

Greg Joswiak, Apple’s Vice President of Product Marketing, spoke with the Daily Express (via MacRumors) over the weekend, and for anyone who was worried that Touch ID might be getting the axe at some point in the near future, it sounds like you might not have anything to worry about for quite some time. Joswiak does confirm that Face ID will be expanded to additional devices down the road, too, though.

Joswiak points out that Face ID will continue to lead the way, and trickle to other devices over time as well. However, the VP also states that Touch ID has its role, and the company does not see it “going away anytime soon”. Joswiak points out that Touch ID is “great technology on our iPad lineup”, suggesting that this is where Touch ID could stay consistent for some time.

Of course, Face ID is the odd-one-out right now as far as biometric security measures are concerned for the iPad lineup. The newest version of the iPad Pro features Face ID only, but the less expensive iPad models all feature Touch ID. How Apple plans on changing that up in the future remains to be seen.

As far as Touch ID is concerned and the iPhone? Things are a bit more murky. It certainly looked like Apple was moving away from Touch ID, at least as far as newer models are concerned. However, there are multiple rumors swirling around that Apple is planning on adopting an iPhone, maybe as early as next year, that features both Face ID and Touch ID for security measures.

How do you feel about Touch ID? Do you want to see the feature make a return to Apple’s newer devices? Or are you okay just using Face ID?