Apple may launch an iPhone in 2020 with Touch ID and Face ID

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There is some solid back-and-forth about Touch ID these days, with quite a few suggestions that Apple may be bringing back the biometric security measure for its flagship products in the near future.

Now, less than a week before Apple is set to unveil the iPhone 11 (or whatever the company calls it) lineup, we’re back to rumors regarding what’s coming next. As in the iPhones rumored to launch in 2020 — or even 2021. Bloomberg has the report this week, saying that Apple is currently testing in-display technology to implement Touch ID in an iPhone as early as next year.

However, the report does also state that if testing does not meet Apple’s standards, the technology may not see the light of day until 2021. If that all sounds familiar to you, it’s because noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also stated in the past that there are expectations for Apple to reintroduce Touch ID into the primary iPhone lineup in 2021.

If this all does pan out, this latest report indicates that Apple will not be opting to go with one biometric security measure over the other, as it has up to this point. That means we could see iPhones with both Touch ID and Face ID in the near future. This would give iPhone owners the benefit of choosing how to unlock their device.

Finally, this latest report does indicate that Apple is indeed working on a new, “cheaper” iPhone. This could be the “new iPhone SE” we have been hearing about, especially this week. The handset is said to look similar to the iPhone 8, and it could feature a display that measures in at 4.7 inches.

So, would you be on board with a new iPhone using both Touch ID and Face ID?