Apple may launch a ‘new iPhone SE’ in 2020 with a 4.7-inch display

iPhone SE 2 rumors

The iPhone SE was one of Apple’s most popular devices, a solid option for folks who weren’t ready to jump on the big display bandwagon. But time marches on and the original model has been left behind. But that may change in 2020.

According to a new report fromĀ Nikkei this week, Apple is planning on relaunching the iPhone SE in a new model, which could see the light of day in 2020. The “new iPhone SE” would be similar to the older handset, but only in terms of the price point. It would feature a 4.7-inch display, if this report is true, so it would be smaller than the current display size for Apple’s smartphone lineup.

However, it’s not 4 inches like the original, so it won’t be as small. But when Apple’s smallest screen is 5.8 inches, it might still be exactly what some potential customers out there are looking for who don’t want a phone with a big screen.

Apple would make some important changes with the design in an effort to keep the price down, which could be around $399. That would mean the 4.7-inch screen would be an LCD panel, rather than OLED. However, Apple could still install high-profile specs like an A13 processor under the hood.

Interestingly, the report states that the new iPhone SE would be similar to the iPhone 8. That said, it’s unknown if the new device would feature Touch ID for its biometric security measure, or if Apple would transition the handset to support Face ID.

Apple could make a lot of people happy by offering a “new iPhone SE”, even if it is only in terms of price. Having a handset start at $400, with a mix of mid-range and high-end specs, would be pretty great. Especially considering the iPhone XR‘s successor(s) will likely still start around the $700 mark.

This is not the first time that we’ve heard about a successor to the original iPhone SE. Way back in April of 2018 rumors first cropped up, and then continued to pop up from time-to-time throughout the year.

What say you? Would you considering buying a new iPhone SE?