Apple Card gets intricate customization with a CNC machine

Apple is very proud of the Apple Card and its (90%) titanium construction. So much so, in fact, that it has a support document on how to keep the card clean and what types of surfaces might actually deface it.

But that doesn’t mean the card can’t be customized if you know how to do it. That’s what Nick Wiegand did, all with the help of a CNC machine. Wiegand posted the images on Twitter and Instagram (via The Verge), not only showing off the remarkably beautiful end design, but also the process it took to get there.

The CNC machine is a computer-controlled tooling device. With it, individuals can make some awesome designs on the surface of things, like, for example, the back of an Apple Card. In this case, Wiegand made the card look very similar to the back of a Bicycle playing card.

This isn’t the only way to customize the Apple Card. Some folks have even polished off the white finish of the credit card, giving it a matte, bare metal look. This customized version is much more stunning to look at, though.

Of course, this shouldn’t be something that everyone does, unless you’re brave enough to try it. What do you think of Wiegand’s creation?