Apple promotes AirPods charging case customization in South Korea

Apple is promoting customizations of the AirPods charging case, specifically in South Korea.

Apple is using its website based out of South Korea (via MacRumors) to promote customizing the charging case for the AirPods truly wireless headphones. It’s doing so at the very top of the website, but the company has also published a YouTube video promoting the way people have made their charging cases their own.

In the video we can see people doing some pretty creative things, like heart stickers that come together to show the full heart when two cases are brought together. Other folks use a variety of other decals, and some have even turned their charging case into a keychain. This makes it easy to hang cute charms off the side of the case.

Here’s the video:

Now, it isn’t a secret here that Apple doesn’t actually offer these customization options on its own. But that isn’t a surprise. Nor is it a surprise to see people customizing these things or Apple promoting it.

Just look way back to 2014 when Apple published the “Stickers” ad for the MacBook Air. It showcased how people have adopted a range of different stickers to put on their MacBook laptop, getting pretty creative with the glowing Apple logo.

Many of these customized AirPods cases are pretty awesome, and the creativity is great to see.

Are you interested in any of these designs? Thinking about customizing your AirPods charging case now?