Thousands of students in Glasgow, Scotland, will receive free iPads to help with education

The iPad is a powerful tablet and can help with a lot of use cases for students and educators alike. Now, thousands of students in Glasgow, Scotland, will get to use the tablet to help with their educational endeavors.

The BBC has the report this week, detailing how a partnership between the Canadian IT firm CGI and the Glasgow City Council will make it possible for nearly 50,000 students in the region to receive access to iPads to assist with education.

The deal is actually pretty big in scale. For any students between the academic years P6 and S6 will receive their own iPad to help with their studies. Meanwhile, students between academic years P1 through P5 will have general access to an iPad that will be shared between students for the same purposes.

According to the report, the deal is worth in excess of £300m. However, a specific number is “not possible” to break down for the project, according to those involved with it.

Councillor Chris Cunningham, Glasgow City Council’s education convener, said the move was about helping pupils embrace the digital age, improve learning and help close the attainment gap.

He added: “We want our children and young people to be equipped with the skills that will make them shine as digital citizens both now and later in their working lives.

“We are aware that 90% of jobs in Scotland involve digital work and so our pupils will be well equipped for the workplace.

“I know that this project will result in raising attainment and achievement in every one of our schools and nurseries.

Social media and inappropriate websites will be blocked right out of the gate. And the Glasgow City Council will be able to lock and erase any of the iPads remotely. They will also be tracked by the government body as well.

What do you think of this initiative? It’s great that the city is focusing on the kids’ futures here, aware that digital work will be a massive focus by the time they graduate. Preparing them this early certainly makes sense.