iCloud.com beta refreshed with a cleaner look and iOS 13’s overhauled Reminders app

Apple’s Reminders app on iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina 10.15 has received a major makeover with new features. And now, a web-based version of the refreshed Reminders app has been spotted on the beta version of the iCloud web portal at beta.icloud.com.

First pointed out by Federico Viticci on Twitter, the changes to the beta version of the iCloud.com web portal are mostly subtle. You will instantly notice that the previous blue motion wallpaper has been replaced with a cleaner white appearance making text and icons more legible, but that’s about it when it comes to the visuals.

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The biggest change is the addition of a web-based Reminders app with the same look and feel as Reminders on iOS 13, iPadOS and MacOS Catalina 10.15. The new web-based Reminders app will be available via the non-beta iCloud portal at iCloud.com/reminders in the fall.

Everything else has stayed mostly intact. There’s still the app dashboard at the top of the browser window and all the apps available through the web portal still look and work just like before. The account-management section also looks the same as before.

This is a new home screen displayed after logging in to the iCloud.com portal

The commercial version of the web portal at iCloud.com lists the new web-based version of the Reminders app as “coming soon.” When the OS updates drop in the summer, Apple will apply the changes that are currently only visible on iCloud.com beta to the non-beta version.

Most sections have not changed and look mostly the same as before.

How do you like the subtly tweaked iCloud.com and the new web-based Reminders app?

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