Spotify extends free trial to three months, matches Apple Music

A free trial for a service is meant to offer everything, without an upfront cost, in an attempt to get subscribers to keep coming back and paying for it. Up until recently, Spotify‘s standard free trial was just one month, but that has changed.

Spotify announced this week that the free trial for its Spotify Premium service, which starts at $9.99 per month for most customers, is extending to three months. The company made the announcement as part of a blog post that includes a list of the Premium service’s features, including no ad breaks to interrupt your music or podcast listening.

If that sounds good, this is the perfect time to join the 100 million-plus people who’ve subscribed to Spotify Premium. Beginning August 22, eligible users will receive the first three months on us for free when they sign up for any Spotify Premium plan. You’ll unlock a world of on-demand access to millions of hours of audio content—no matter when you sign up, winter, spring, summer, or fall.

The new three month trial offer is available beginning today, August 22, and only for individual and/or student plans. Spotify also notes that this new trial period is only available for customers who have not tried out Premium yet, so you won’t be able to come back –even if your subscription has lapsed– to try it out for free again.

This change puts Spotify and Apple Music on equal footing as far as free trials are concerned. Apple Music has offered three months of free service for new customers for quite some time. There is no telling how long Spotify will keep this up. Is this just a limited time deal to try and get more folks to switch? Or is this a permanent change? We’ll have to wait and see.

You can check out Spotify’s announcement to see the tips and tricks they offer to take advantage of that Premium subscription.

Are you a Spotify subscriber? Or did you make the switch, and stick with it, to Apple Music?