Bonjourr is a minimal, customizable start page for your browser inspired by iOS’s Do Not Disturb at Bedtime feature

Bonjourr, a lightweight browser start page, promises to boost your productivity and serenity with its minimal beautiful design inspired by iOS which you can customize to your liking.

The customizable start page supports popular browsers like Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome. Other WebKit-based browsers should work with this start page without any issues at all, including Opera and Microsoft’s Edge, although I haven’t tried those to confirm.

Bonjourr was designed to look minimal yet both beautiful and practical in order to perfectly fit in your workflow, making you more productive and more serene. Here’s how the Bonjourr creator Tahoe Beetschen describes his browser start page:

Bonjourr is a new home page for your browser. It’s what appears every time you open a new window or a new tab. We got inspiration from the looks of iOS and, more specifically, by the interface you get when waking up while using the Bedtime option.

It offers several features such as giving you your local time and weather, greeting you according to the time of the day and giving you the possibility to search on your favorite search engines.

The improved web browsing experience with Bonjourr starts with a custom background.

Many of the wallpapers come from the Unsplash stock photography website, with the dynamic background option using the Unsplash API. Next, turn certain customizable elements on the page on or off. Then, you can add some quick links to the sites you frequently visit, customize your search engines, adjust date and time preferences and so forth. To personalize your experience further, choose to set up the weather based on your location.

For those wondering, yes — a dark mode is available, too.

To use Bonjourr, visit where you can download and unzip the Bonjourr package, then put the Bonjourr folder in a location you’ll remember, like your Documents folder.

For the full instructions for your specific browser, visit the Bonjourr website with Safari, Firefox or Chrome. To set Bonjourr as the start page in Safari, open Safari preferences on your Mac.

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In the General menu, set the “New windows open with” and “New tabs open with” options to Homepage, then set the homepage path below to the location of the “index.html” file in your Bonjourr folder. If you previously put the “index.html” inside your Documents folder, the path will be “/Users/USERNAME/Documents/Bonjourr/index.html”.

To use the online version of Bonjourr instead, simply visit

Although Bonjourr syncs your preferences with your Chrome or Firefox account, it does so by not collecting any personal data. It only needs one permission, browser storage. The online version of Bonjourr supports automatic updates so you can be sure that you’re always using the latest version available, however, you will lose speed and offline access.

If you’ve been saerching for a cool alternative to the standard Firefox start page, Bonjourr is it.

How do you like this start page?

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