Apple TV+ may cost $9.99 per month, launch in November with 5 shows

Earlier this year, Apple unveiled Apple TV+, but didn’t give any information regarding an exact launch date or how much the service would cost.

But a new report aims to shed some light on what we can expect to spend on the new subscription service later this year.

According to a report from Bloomberg on Monday, Apple is planning on launching Apple TV+ this November. When it arrives, it will come with five shows available right out of the gate. What’s more, Apple is reportedly aiming to price Apple TV+ at $9.99 per month when it does go live.

If Apple does hit that $9.99 per month, it would be basically right in the middle of the road with all of the other streaming services out there. Netflix has surpassed that for the plan that most people would probably want to subscribe to, while the upcoming Disney+ will be offered for $6.99 per month.

When Apple TV+ does launch, the report indicates there will be a “free trial” as “Apple builds up its library”. However, just how long that free trial will run is not revealed in this particular report.

As for the five shows available at launch? We’ll get The Morning Show, SeeAmazing StoriesTruth Be Told, and Home.

One final interesting tidbit from this report: Apple may bundle Apple TV+ –along with other subscription services– into the iPhone Upgrade Program:

The company could head off a revenue slowdown by coaxing users to subscribe to the new services. Cupertino, California-based Apple could also potentially boost revenue by tying services to the iPhone upgrade program, which lets customers update to new models annually via monthly payment plans.

In related news, a report from earlier today said that Apple is spending more than $6 billion this year on its original content push with Apple TV+. Interestingly, that report suggested Apple was aiming to beat Disney+ to market, with that streaming service launching in early November. That report suggested we could see Apple TV+ launch in October.

So, $9.99 per month! What do you think? Will you be paying it?