App Store editorials, special features and other stories are now viewable on the web

All editorial content found in the App Store’s Today section is now fully accessible on the web.

As spotted by 9to5Mac, Apple’s stories in the Today section are now fully accessible on the desktop via a browser. When you follow an App Store link that leads to a story in the Today section, you will now land on its web version in your browser.

These web-based story previews take advantage of a two-column layout, with the article title and hero image on the lefthand side and actual post along with any image galleries, app collections, link lists, videos and other embedded features found on the righthand side.

This is a great news—now you can share these stories with the web at large, not just with Apple device owners. Before the change, people who followed a Today story link on their iOS device or Mac would see the story automatically open in App Store or Mac App Store, respectively.

However, non-Apple users could not open those links at all.

One of Apple’s editorials…

For years, people have been able to access previews of App Store apps and iTunes media on the web. But when Apple redesigned both App Store and Mac App Store (the first major overhaul since the App Store inception more than a decade ago), it did not extend that courtesy to all-new editorial content found in the Today section of App Store and Mac App Store.

...and the same story viewed in a web browser.

It was truly a shame because the Today section is home to some really compelling content that Apple creates in-house. There are actually people at Apple— real journalists and editors — who write these interesting stories. The professionally done write-ups range from special features, developer interviews and highlights to tips, how-tos, feature descriptions, behind the scenes and what not, helping folks discover new and useful apps and games.

Today’s update has at long last fixed that particular pain point for consumers.

To share an App Store story, just tap Share Story at the bottom. To read a Today story on the web instead of in App Store or Mac App Store, share it to your Mac computer from an iOS device using the AirDrop feature.

Are you liking this change?

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