Apple may brand the high-end 2019 iPhone as the ‘iPhone 11 Pro’

iPhone 11 dummy models

Apple is still rumored to launch three new iPhones in 2019, one to replace the iPhone XR, and two to replace the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. But it sounds like Apple could go with a new designation for the high-end model.

Thanks to serial leaker CoinX on Twitter, who says Apple has had “Crazy naming schemes over the past few years”, the company could be readying the “Pro” designation for at least one of the new iPhones set to launch this year. If this is indeed the case, it would be the safe bet that the high-end model, the unit effectively replacing the iPhone XS Max, would get the new branding.

This particular source has been correct in the past, for what it’s worth. They correctly named the 2018 iPhone lineup before it was set in stone, identifying both the iPhone XR and iPhone XS/Max designations.

Unfortunately, as you can see from the tweet itself, there are no specifics here. So while the safe bet would be the high-end model gets the new “Pro” branding and the other iPhones go a different route, we could be seeing Apple starting a new iPhone lineup, too. Would the iPhone XS successor fall into this category as well, since the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max share plenty of similarities, save for the screen size. Will the iPhone XR’s follow up simply be a numbered model?

The big question, though, will be why Apple actually goes this route. The distinction between the iPad lineup and the iPad Pro family is pretty clear — even if the Apple Pencil now works with more tablets. How will Apple differentiate the 2019 iPhone lineup and the 2019 iPhone Pro lineup? Will Apple charge even more for the features that are saved for the pro model?

Would a triple camera setup be enough to earn a branding change like this?

Just throwing this out there, but there was the recent rumor that the 2019 iPhone lineup could get Apple Pencil support. Maybe that’s just one way to earn that “Pro” designation.

But, what do you think? If this particular rumor is true, do you think it’s a worthwhile shift for Apple? How do you think the company could help propel the high-end model to make it worth that new branding?