iOS 12 now installed on 88% of all devices

With iOS 13 looming on the horizon, Apple has revealed just how well iOS 12 is doing as far as adoption goes.

This week, Apple revealed (via Rene Ritchie) that iOS 12 adoption continues to grow in a positive way. The latest results, which were populated on August 6 of this year. Based on Apple’s statistics, iOS 12 is now installed on 88 percent of all devices out there in the wild. Of course, there are still some devices that Apple can track based on the App Store that reveal 7% of devices are still running iOS 11.

And 5% are still running even earlier versions of the mobile operating system.

Meanwhile, Apple’s stats also show that of all iOS devices introduced in the last four years, 90% of those are running iOS 12. 7% are running iOS 11 and only 3 percent are running earlier versions of iOS.

All this to say that while iOS 12 is obviously doing well for itself, it’s also outpacing iOS 11’s performance last year. Of course, even when iOS adoption isn’t at its fastest, it’s still doing quite well for itself.

Still, with iOS 13 on the horizon, it will be interesting to see how well that update does on the adoption front. Considering how many new features Apple is adding to the mix, including the oft-requested system-wide dark mode, will iOS 13 outpace iOS 12’s adoption over the course of a year? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

How excited are you for iOS 13’s impending arrival?