Apple’s latest ‘Behind the Mac’ ad aims to ‘test the impossible’

Apple has published a new video to its YouTube channel, adding another ad to its “Behind the Mac” campaign.

On Thursday, Apple published a new advertisement that measures in at under 40 seconds in length. The idea of the video is to show the versatility of a Mac, showing how individuals — college students in particular — can use the computer to do even more “outside the classroom”.

Here’s Apple’s description of the video:

From podcasts to programming, photography to fashion design, college students around the world are doing more than ever outside the classroom. See how the next generation is pursuing their creative passions and testing the impossible behind the Mac.

The last time Apple shared an ad as part of the Behind the Mac campaign was back in May of this year. That video focused on making music, while this one is a bit more far ranging.

Here’s the newest ad, entitled “Test the Impossible”.

What do you think of these ads from Apple? Think they do a solid enough job selling the company’s products?