Apple seeds fifth macOS Catalina beta to developers

Following the latest beta seeds to developers of iOS, iPadOS, and others, Apple is following along with the latest for macOS Catalina.

Apple on Wednesday seeded the fifth beta of macOS Catalina to developers. As is par for the course with any beta seed, this is meant specifically for testing and should not be installed on a daily driver, but rather a secondary device. It’s possible that, despite the many weeks of previous betas, that this pre-release software still has bugs and other performance issues to be wary of.

To update, registered developers simply need to open System Preferences and then select Software Update.

macOS Catalina, like the other major updates to Apple’s platforms, is a big one. It not only separates the iTunes software, essentially breaking up the behemoth product, but also adds a variety of new features to the mix, including the Sidecar feature which can turn an iPad into a secondary display for the Mac.

iTunes is the big focal point for Apple with Catalina. With the desktop operating system’s incoming update, the software will be separated into three separate apps: Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV. This should make content management more manageable.

Screen Time is also coming to Macs with Catalina, allowing users to easily set rules for apps and more. Project Catalyst will make it easier for developers to make their iPad apps available on macOS.

There is much more to the latest version of macOS Catalina. The new desktop operating system will have its public launch later this year, presumably sometime before the end of September.