Mophie launches a new wireless charging pad, two car chargers and a variety of USB cables

Accessory maker Mophie, which specializes in chargers, cables and battery cases, today unveiled nearly half a dozen new products, ranging from a Qi-enabled wireless charging pad for iPhone, a pair of car chargers for on-the-road travelers and a bunch of USB cables.

Here’a quick overview of everything Mophie unveiled today.

Qi wireless charging pad

Mophie has a new Qi-compatible wireless charger.

Mophie’s new Qi charger delivers up to 7.5W of wireless power.

Featuring up to 7.5W of power on contact, this compact wireless charging mat lets you juice up any Qi-enabled smartphone, like iPhone X newer, as well as various accessories like Airpds and non-Apple devices that are compatible with the Qi standard.

At $40, the new wireless charging pad is a better deal than Mophie’s current $60 Qi mat.

Available in a choice of black or white, if features a smooth and shiny finish and has a relatively small footprint, so it should fit on any crowded desk. It works through cases up to 3mm thick and as such should be compatible with most cases on the market.

Car chargers

As for car chargers, Mophie has a pair of new items on offer.

Made of premium anodized aluminum, they come in two flavors, both designed for on-the-road travelers. One has a single USB port for charging one device at a time and the other sports dual ports for charging two USB devices simultaneously, like your iPhone and iPad.

The single-port version provides up to 12 amperes of power, enough to charge an iPad (not the iPad Pro line though, these require an 18+W USB-C charger). The dual-port variant delivers 12A to each port, meaning you can charge two regular iPads simultaneously or charge an iPhone faster while charging your iPad, too.

Even Mophie’s car chargers look beautiful!

Of course, both models can safely recharge not only your iPhone, iPad or AirPods, but also most other USB devices on the market. Aside from their minimalist design that will fit any car interior, the two accessories have handy indicator lights on them so you can tell whether the connected device is being juiced up or not with a quick glance.

USB cables

Finally, Mophine brought out several new USB cables for your accessories.

If your cable is easily prone to fraying, check out Mophie’s braided USB cables.

Mophie produces some of the highest-quality USB cables and the latest entrants offer many connection combinations to meet every need. Each cable is constructed with a braided nylon exterior for a smooth feel and remarkable strength. Pair that with durable connectors and you get a cable that won’t fall apart after a few months, like terrible Apple’s first-party cables.

Mophie’s new 6,100 mAh Powerstation Hub charger shown juicing up an iPhone

The new cables include the following items:

  • USB-A cable with Lightning connector: Charge your iOS devices with the Lightning connector
    • 1 meter: $19.95
    • 2 meters: $29.95
  • USB-C cable with Lightning connector: Fast-charge and sync iPhone 8 or later (requires a USB-C charger with Power Delivery support)
    • 1 meter: $19.95
    • 2 meters: $34.95
  • USB-A cable with USB-C connector: Charge and sync any USB-C device, like iPad Pro
    • 1 meter: $19.95
    • 2 meters: $24.95
  • USB-C cable with USB-C connector: Charge and sync any USB-C device
    • 1 meter: $19.95
    • 2 meters: $24.95

Mophie has been part of ZAGG since 2016.

These new Mophie products are available starting today, July 15, 2019, through and in select Apple stores. The new wireless charging pad, car chargers and USB cables will be available on later in July.