Apple’s Project Catalyst team talks quality concerns and more

One of the biggest selling points of macOS Catalina is Project Catalyst, which will bring iPad apps over to the desktop operating system. The team behind the feature is now speaking out about a variety of elements of the incoming feature.

Ars Technica has the interview this week, taking a deep dive into Project Catalyst along with the team, both behind the app and those promoting it as well.

Quality concerns is something Apple is already aware of. In fact, the company’s first three iPad apps which made the leap to macOS (News, Voice Memos, and Stocks) are already on track to get improvements soon due to quality concerns. So that’s obviously a big focal point moving forward with Project Catalyst as a whole:

Then we come down to customers’ reaction and ratings and all of that kind of stuff. Which hopefully will drive the right behavior for a developer, which is to do the work and do it right and don’t be lazy.

The interview touches on why Project Catalyst only supports iPad apps making the leap over to macOS, and not apps developed for the iPhone:

Just design-wise, the difference between an iPad app and an iPhone app is that the iPad app has gone through a design iteration to take advantage of more screen space. And as you bring that app over to the Mac… you have something that’s designed around that space that you can work with and that you can start from.

The full interview is absolutely worth checking out. Are you looking forward to the launch of Project Catalyst later this year?