Shopify brings Apple Business Chat support to over 800,000 businesses

Shopify adds Apple Business Chat support

On Wednesday, Shopify officially announced that it is bringing Apple Business Chat support to its platform, making it easier than ever before to get in touch with hundreds of thousands of merchants around the globe.

Shopify made the announcement this week, saying that a dedicated Messages button will be present on every page of an online story supported by Shopify. This means that visitors will be able to quickly and easily contact the seller of a product they’re interested in via iPhone, iPad, the Mac, or the Apple Watch via Messages.

According to Shopify, this new feature means that Apple Business Chat is supported by over 800,000 merchants all over the globe.

The announcement also states that data shows that a potential customer is three times as likely to purchase a product after they’ve engaged in a conversation with a brand. In addition to that, the conversation can lead to building trust between the merchant and the customer, which can lead to the customer coming back to buy more things.

As for the merchant side of things, here’s what Shopify has to say on that matter:

For merchants, you can now manage and respond to all your Apple Business Chat customer conversations through Shopify Ping. We introduced Shopify Ping last year as a dedicated mobile app that brings together all your customer conversations, along with intelligent, automated marketing workflows. For the growing number of merchants who are running a businesses entirely on mobile, this new feature for Shopify Ping will allow you to communicate with your customers on-the-go, access products and inventory, and give real-time support via Messages. More importantly, this will also allow you to continue conversations with your customers even after they have left your store, further strengthening relationships with your customers.

Finally, Shopify notes that this new feature is available for its Shopify platform customers at no additional cost, and it’s available globally. A couple of different merchants are already using the feature right now, while others will surely jump on board soon.

Have you tried out Apple’s Business Chat yet? Will support from Shopify get you to use it?