Pre-order Nintendo’s match-3 puzzler Dr. Mario World ahead of launch next month

Wednesday, July 10 is the date you’re looking for.

Based on the 1990 puzzler Dr. Mario, Dr. Mario World is Nintendo’s next mobile game.

Dr. Mario World is set to release globally on Wednesday, July 10, the Japanese gaming giant announced on Twitter last evening. The company first mentioned this new title in January, saying it would arrive in the summer. Billed as a match-3 puzzler, Dr. Mario World has you matching capsules in different colors to eliminate viruses.

Nintendo says it is developing the game in partnership with the messaging app LINE.

Unlike Super Mario Run’s one-finger gameplay, Dr. Mario World requires you to drag a capsule onto the stage and matching three of the same color to eliminate viruses. You can tap a capsule to rotate it Tetris-style, use rainbow capsules to match any color, take advantage of special skills (each character has some unique skills to them) and more.

In order to make things progressively more difficult, different stages have different numbers of colored capsules so you must be careful not to run out of them. At the end of each stage, you’ll earn stars depending on how well you did and how many capsules you have left.

Watch the official trailer for Dr. Mario World embedded right ahead.


Nintendo has promised five worlds at launch, with more to come in future updates.

The game will be free to download, with an unobtrusive in-app purchase implementation focused on offering virtual coins, capsules and other boosters. Nintendo would obviously love you to purchase virtual diamonds via an in-game shop to do things like continue a stage, restore stamina, add new doctors to your roster and more.

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You can pre-order Dr. Mario on App Store starting today.

Nintendo is also set to launch Super Mario Kart later this year, a free-to-start kart racer set in the Mushroom Kingdom (like its console counterpart) and developed in partnership with DeNA.

Are you looking forward to playing Dr. Mario World? And speaking of mobile games, what’s your favorite smartphone title form Nintendo, and why?

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