Apple’s sleep tracking company Beddit now has a beta program to test new features

Back in early 2017, Apple acquired sleep tracking company Beddit. Now, over two years later, Beddit is getting in on the beta program fun.

Beddit has recently announced (via 9to5Mac) a brand new beta program that it hopes will allow it to flesh out new features before launching (or not launching) them into the public. This will give beta testers a preview access to new versions of the Beddit iOS app ahead of any official updates. For those who participate, they would be expected to provide feedback to Apple to make sure that Beddit can iron out any issues.

Through the Beddit Beta Program, you will have early access to new versions of the Beddit app before the general public. Participants will share valuable feedback with Apple Inc. (“Apple”) such as app use, app settings, sleep results, and other diagnostic information. We may also request additional feedback through surveys. More information about how this data will be shared with Apple will be explained in an informed consent form that you must complete before starting the program.

If you do want to sign up for the Beddit beta program, but change your mind later, you can opt-out of the program anytime you wish. And if you change your mind again? You can rejoin the beta program at any point in time, too.

There are some requirements to be eligible for the program, though. As outlined by Beddit:

  • Already have a Beddit Sleep Monitor (model 3.5).
  • Be located in the United States and only using Beddit in the United States.
  • Be at least 22 years old and not over 75 years old.
  • Agree to receive email communications from Apple from time to time about the Beddit Beta Program.

You can click here to sign up for the new beta program if you’re interested in looking into it and meet the outlined requirements.

Sleep tracking is something that Apple offers already through the Clock app and the “Bedtime” feature. However, Beddit offers a more in-depth process and better results for it. The company launched its first revision to its sleep tracking accessory following the acquisition by Apple back in December of last year.

If you’re a fan of Beddit, do you think you’ll sign up for the new beta program?