Shortcuts in iOS 13 get conversational, suggestions, and a built-in app

Apple is launching an updated version of Shortcuts later this year, which includes a handful of new elements to help improve the feature.

During this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled a few key changes to the Shortcuts experience, which will be getting improved with the launch of iOS 13 later this year. The new Shortcuts app is getting built into the mobile operating system, it’s getting more conversational in general, and users will now get suggestions as well.

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect from the new Shortcuts experience.

A built-in app

Apple confirmed at WWDC that the new Shortcuts app will be built into iOS 13, making it much easier to access and making it automatically available to all iOS users who use the newest version of the software.


Shortcuts in iOS 13 will offer up suggestions for the user. This is for new automations to set up. Apple says it will be easy to get started with the new app by adding a “daily personalized routine” in an effort to streamline the daily routine you may have.

Getting conversational

Finally, Apple wants to make using Shortcuts even easier for every single iOS user out there. In an effort to reach that goal, using the feature is now more conversational. Apple says this makes the feature even more powerful, and it should indeed help smooth some of the rougher edges of the feature.

Apple wants iOS users automating their routine

Apple has always billed iOS as an advanced mobile operating system, and one way to achieve that goal is to actually get the software out of the way. Building tools like Shortcuts makes that possible, offering up a quick and easy way to set up automations to handle certain elements. Making it more conversational, and offering suggestions, are two big additions to the feature.

How many different automations have you put together with Shortcuts?