O2 network in the UK now offering the cellular Apple Watch

The Apple Watch with LTE has been available in the United Kingdom already for a bit of time, but up until now it’s only been available on the carrier EE. But now O2 is getting in the mix, too.

O2 has launched several different variants of the cellular-equipped Apple Watch (via MacRumors), with both the Series 3 and Series 4 up for grabs. O2 is offering each of the smartwatches on its website directly, each of which is tied to a monthly contract that will see the customer forking over a monthly payment to own the smartwatch of their choice.

O2 is also offering up a pretty sweet incentive to get people to pick up a new Apple Watch. If an O2 customer signs up between today and December 18, 2019, they will get six months of free airtime. You’ll need an iPhone 6 or newer to use either the Series 3 or Series 4 LTE. And of course, O2 is more than willing to sell you a compatible iPhone for your new Apple Watch if you don’t already have one.

As noted in the original article, if a new buyer takes advantage of O2’s limited-time offer they will need to pay £20 up front for the Apple Watch, and then, after that, pay £19.50 per month for 36 months. After six months, once the data contract kicks into gear, they will pay an additional £5 per month.

While EE was the first wireless carrier in the United Kingdom to offer the Apple Watch with LTE (the Series 3), Vodafone started offering up its own LTE-equipped Apple Watch as well about 12 months down the road. With the addition of O2, that means the three of the biggest wireless carriers in the UK now offer support for the cellular variant of the Apple Watch.

O2 in the UK is now offering the LTE Apple Watch variant

That leaves the mobile network Three as the last carrier standing when it comes to not offering support.

With the LTE model of the Apple Watch, this means that an owner can answer phone calls, and utilize other data-necessary apps directly on the smartwatch without being required to remain tethered to the iPhone.

The new options are available now from O2. If you’re in the market, and an O2 customer, do you think you’ll pick one up?