Google’s new app lets you create games for your Mac without writing a single line of code

Area 120, Google’s in-house incubator, has created a free, drag-and-drop 3D game builder that lets anyone create games for Mac and Windows without writing a single line of code.

Multiple users without any coding knowledge can build and play a game simultaneously in Game Builder, a free download from Steam. Google says users can find 3D models on Google Polly to use in their game, including objects like pugs, rocket ships, trees and more.

Let’s say you have an idea for a video game. It could be a first-person action game starring a snail on the (slow) run from the law, or a multiplayer game featuring only pugs. There’s only one problem: You’ve never built a game before. You don’t know how to program.You don’t know any 3D artists. And every tool you find won’t let you collaborate with friends.

If you’ve crafted a fort or dug a mine in a game, you already know how to build a 3D level in Game Builder. The system involves card-based visual programming system where you just drag and drop cards to “answer” game-related questions for things like moving platforms, scoreboards, healing potions, drivable cars and more.

If you do happen to be a little bit of a coder yourself, feel free to take full advantage of real-time JavaScript to build your own fully customized cards to use in games. Game Builder comes with an extensive API that lets you script almost everything in the game. No compiling is required because all the changes instantly reflect in live code.

Grab Game Builder for Mac and Windows for free via Steam.