Mail in macOS Catalina makes it easy to block, unsubscribe, and mute

macOS Mojave Mail app

macOS Catalina is the next big update for Apple’s desktop operating system. The company is adding quite a bit to the new software, and it isn’t forgetting about the stock Mail app, either. While the list of changes isn’t all that long, the new additions will probably be welcomed for those who prefer Apple’s email app.

If you have been hoping to see better built-in tools in Apple’s Mail app to handle unsubscribing, blocking, and muting, then macOS Catalina is the update for you. In addition to that, Apple is also tweaking the “classic layout” in an effort to make viewing your emails even easier.

Let’s see what’s new in this quick overview:

Tweaked Classic Layout

Mail in macOS Catalina is seeing a slight change to what Apple calls the classic layout. The company says this update will arrange the Mail viewer to show a column layout. In this view, there will be a preview of the current message presented on the right side.

Block, Mute, and Unsubscribe

First, the ability to block a sender. When you block mail from a specific sender, those emails will be automatically moved into the trash. Apple notes that you can edit this quickly enough by clicking on the mail sender’s name in any email header (similar to how it works in Messages).

Next, muting. If you’ve found yourself in a particularly lively email thread, Mail can help calm things down on your end. This feature will allow you to mute that email thread, which will stop any future incoming notifications from chiming your device. A quick and easy fix, but an essential one nevertheless.

Finally, unsubscribing. Apple has built a new unsubscribe button that will appear above the email header from commercial list senders. Apple says clicking the new link will send a request to have your email address unsubscribed from the list. No more having to dig through an email to find a small ink to unsubscribe!

Buffing Up The Stock Apps

There are so many different third-party email apps out there for macOS, many of which have won plenty of awards and are the go-to options for real world users out there. Apple hasn’t always put the most effort in beefing up its own Mail app, but that has changed slightly in the last couple of major macOS releases. macOS Catalina doesn’t add a ton of new features, but the ones Apple is adding may help it become an option for folks who may have moved on to other apps.

What do you think of these new additions to Mail in macOS Catalina?