Spotify Stations brings playlist-focused listening to iOS

Spotify, a juggernaut when it comes to music streaming, has just launched a new, dedicated app that offers a new way to listen to your favorite music. If you prefer to stick to playlists, especially those around genres and other specific targets, then Spotify Stations may be the right option for you.

Spotify Stations actually launched in Australia, and just for Android, more than a year ago. But apparently Spotify has seen positive feedback with the app, because the company has brought the playlist-focused listening experience to the United States and iOS. The app is free to download, but it’s worth noting here that the company still considers this a test. So while it should be feature rich, things may change at some point in the future before it exits the “testing” phase.

Spotify Stations has a pretty minimalist design, with large, bold font that puts the focus on playlist titles. It’s not like the standard Spotify app, insofar that Spotify Stations is completely reliant on playlists. Users can choose set options, like 70s hits, music meant to inspire you while you work out, and more.

If none of these options are right for you, you can mix things up a bit by creating your own stations, too. You can use a list to choose your own favorite artists and building a playlist around that. Spotify also says the more you use the different stations, the more the app will learn about your tastes and add to the content accordingly.

Spotify Stations focus on playlists

You will need a Spotify account to take advantage of Spotify Stations. If you have a free account, TechCrunch says that you’ll be unable to skip tracks, and you will hear ads as you go along. However, you will be able to thumbs up or thumbs down songs that play, so you can keep tweaking your playlists as you listen. Premium customers get the traditional ad-free listening experience and can skip tracks.

Spotify Stations is available now.

It’s not likely that we’re going to see something similar from Apple Music anytime soon, but there’s no doubt that Apple is not a stranger to playlists. The “For You” section in Apple Music is littered with them, with a recent refresh adding even more content to the section to help listeners experience even more music.

What do you think of this Spotify Stations idea? Is it worth an entirely separate app?