AirBeamTV mirrors your iOS or macOS device to a TV without Apple TV [sponsor]

The Apple TV is great for mirroring or sharing your iOS or macOS device to your television. But for anyone with a Roku, Chromecast, or Amazon FireTV, you normally would be out of luck. Fortunately, developers at AirBeamTV have a low-cost solution to that problem. With the AirBeamTV app on your iOS or macOS device, you can share your screen and cast content onto your television whether you have a Roku, Chromecast, or Amazon FireTV.

It’s important to note that this won’t perform to the same standard as Apple’s screen mirroring, but the better your network speed is, the better this will work.

Essentially you will be recording your device’s screen and sending that to your streaming device on your TV. You’ll need the AirBeamTV app on whichever device you’re using, whether it is an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac, or otherwise.

Once the app is opened and you are connected to the same network as your streaming device (Wi-Fi is obviously ideal, but I’ve gotten it to work via cellular hotspot as well), it will search the network for the receiving end. Click on your device and you are good to go.

If you’re using a Roku or FireTV, you will need to download the complimentary app on the streaming player itself, which the app prompts you to do. Additionally, if you want to send audio to the TV from your Mac, you’ll need AirBeamTV’s audio driver which is another simple download.

For gaming through the TV (or anything that requires very low latency), this is not perfect and even not usable. But, if you’re just casting a video from your camera roll or browser or showing a presentation, this is probably the best and perhaps only way of streaming your screen to a TV that doesn’t support AirPlay and without an Apple TV. So, while it’s not perfect, it can be very handy for the right situation.

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