Apple confirms ECG feature in Apple Watch Series 4 is coming soon to Canada

One of the many standout features of the Apple Watch Series 4 is the ECG functionality. This helped make the Series 4 smartwatch one of the most popular iterations of Apple’s device to date. But it’s limited availability has also made it a sticking point.

The ECG functionality has been available in the United States for quite some time now. But for those in select international markets, it has yet to make its debut. A rumor recently cropped up suggesting that Apple was planning on bringing the feature to Canada soon, but nothing was confirmed until now.

Apple has provided a statement to The Canadian Press late on Friday night, confirming that the ECG functionality in the Apple Watch Series 4 will be coming to the market “as quickly as possible”. Unfortunately, no specific date to circle on the calendar just yet.

Apple Inc. confirms that previously announced software that enables its latest smartwatch to perform electro-cardiograms has received Canadian approval but declines to predict when it will be available for download.

The company says in a statement to The Canadian Press that it will bring the heart health features of Apple Watch Series 4 to Canada “as quickly as possible” but a spokeswoman declined to provide an estimated time of arrival.

Health Canada recently granted Apple a pair of licenses in regards to ECG-related Apple Watch functions, which led to the belief that Apple was planning on rolling out the feature in the region at some point in the near future. Apple is essentially confirming that that is indeed the case.

Apple has reportedly been working to secure regulatory approval for the ECG functionality in the Series 4 smartwatch since September of last year. These things take time, but it sounds like the wait is almost over for those in Canada who have the latest generation Apple Watch and who have been waiting to use this feature.

The ECG feature allows the Apple Watch to take an electrocardiogram. Users need to touch the smartwatch’s Digital Crown for 30 seconds to take a reading, which will give the wearer a heart rhythm classification. The Apple Watch Series 4 will then inform the wearer if it detects any irregularities with the rhythm of the heart.

Further expanding one of the most important features in the Apple Watch is a good thing. There are still plenty of other markets that Apple has to reach, though, and the wait for that could be even longer.