How to create a slideshow on Mac in the Photos app

Full Screen Slideshow in Photos on Mac

While you can use Keynote or a third-party app to create beautiful slideshows of your pictures, you can also use the Photos app itself. The app offers flexible features for setting up slideshows on your Mac, letting you create a terrific presentation of your pictures in just minutes.

Here’s how to create a slideshow on Mac in the Photos app.

Creating your slideshow in the Photos app

Open the Photos app and select the pictures that you want in your slideshow. Then, do the following.

1) Click File > Create > Slideshow > Photos from the menu bar.

Create Slideshow in Photos on Mac

2) Choose to add to an existing slideshow or leave the drop-down as New Slideshow for a brand new one. Give your slideshow a name and click OK.

3) In the slideshow window, your pictures will be arranged automatically but you can choose a different theme if you like. Click the Theme Picker button and browse through the handful of themes.

Slideshow Theme in Photos on Mac

4) Next, choose a tune for your slideshow by clicking the Music button. By default, a song will be added to your slideshow that corresponds to the theme you choose. However, you can select a song from your Music Library if you prefer.

Slideshow Music in Photos on Mac

5) Click the Duration Settings button to adjust the timing for your slideshow. These options will also change per the theme you pick. For instance, the Classic theme gives you neat settings for transition effects and direction.

Slideshow Duration in Photos on Mac

6) On the bottom right of the slideshow, you can click the Loop Slideshow button if you want the presentation to loop over and over.

When you finish making your slideshow, you can click the Preview button which will play your slideshow in the Photos app window. Or click the Play button in the center to see your slideshow in full screen view.

You can click the Export button on the top right if you want to save your slideshow to a specific location.

Slideshow in Photos on Mac

You’ll also have quick access to your slideshow in the Photos app. In the left-hand menu, you should see your slideshow under My Projects. This is handy if you decide to add more photos or change the theme, music, or duration.

Wrapping it up

Being able to create memorable slideshows directly in the Photos app on Mac is great because you can pick a cool theme and add your music without worries of a complicated third-party app. And you can literally create a slideshow in just a few minutes.

Are you going to make a slideshow of your pictures in the Photos app on your Mac? Let us know your thoughts on this feature.