Many Apple Watch bands are now out of stock ahead of expected seasonal refresh

springtime Apple Watch bands

More than half a dozen bands for Apple Watch released as part of the fall 2018 update are no longer available via Apple’s online store. This is expected: the company’s roadmap calls for seasonal refreshes of the bands and accessories in spring, summer and fall.

As first discovered by MacRumors, the following Apple Watch bands that were introduced in the fall of 2018 are now listed as sold out:

  • 40mm and 44mm Sport Bands in Hibiscus, Mellow Yellow, and Pacific Green, plus 40mm in Blue Horizon
  • 40mm and 44mm Nike Sport Bands in Olive Flak/Black and Smokey Mauve/Particle Beige
  • 40mm Sport Loops in Cape Cod Blue and Nectarine
  • 40mm Nike Sport Loop in Smokey Mauve
  • 44mm Leather Loops in Forest Green
  • 40mm Modern Buckles in Cape Cod Blue, Forest Green, and Peony Pink
  • 40mm Hermès Double Tours in Indigo/Craie/Orange and Bordeaux/Rose Extrême/Rose Azalée

Apple may be holding a media event on March 25, but we’re not expecting the company to devote any air time to the new bands. Instead, expect the new spring 2019 collection to be unveiled via a press release.

Last year, for instance, Apple announced new spring-themed bands via a press release issued on the first day of spring on March 21.

Image: The Apple Watch band collection for the Spring 2018 season