Customize the Cydia app to your liking with Store Features

Many forget that the Cydia app itself can be tweaked by way of Saurik’s Cydia Substrate framework, but not iOS developer aJboCydia; he has just released a new free jailbreak tweak called Store Features that lets users customize the Cydia app.

Right out of the box, Store Features empowers users with each of the following features:

  • Allow the Cydia app to continue refreshing sources in the background
  • Make the keyboard black when searching Cydia
  • Spoof your iOS versions at the bottom of the Cydia app
  • Enable a more detailed tweak description when using the Search tab
  • Disable the bold headers at the top of the Cydia app on unc0ver
  • Enable full-screen on non-notch devices

Of all of these, we particularly like the ability to see more detailed tweak descriptions when we’re searching for tweaks in Cydia. You can discern from the before and after screenshot examples above that this reduces the effort required to understand what a jailbreak tweak does when using Cydia’s search function as you won’t have to tap on search results any longer:

It’s also somewhat fun to be able to spoof your iOS version, as you can make it look like you’re running Cydia on a later version of iOS that currently isn’t supported:

After you’ve installed Store Features, you’ll find a preference pane in the Settings app where you can configure it to your liking:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle spoofing your iOS version in the Cydia app
    • Enter the iOS version number that you want to appear
  • Enable full-screen support for non-notched devices
  • Enable the black keyboard
  • Disable the bold headers in the unc0ver version of Cydia
  • Enable background app refresh for Cydia sources
  • Enable tweak descriptions to appear in the Search tab

You won’t need to respring after applying changes to the preference pane, but we do recommend killing the Cydia app from your App Switcher and restarting the app to ensure your changes are appended properly.

If you’re interested in trying Store Features, then you can download it for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. The tweak works on all jailbroken iOS 9, 10, 11, and 12 devices.

Will you be using Store Features to customize your Cydia app? Let us know in the comments section below.