The latest Apple Watch ad is about Maps turn-by-turn navigation and the freedom of cellular

Apple United Kingdom via its official YouTube channel released a new advertisement this morning that promotes cellular connectivity on the LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 4.

Running a little over a minute, the video advertisement includes some nicely done scenes of a woman, played by renowned skydiver Inka Tiitto, who goes on a run in a forrest on a windy day only to end up getting sucked into the clouds where she performs some dance moves and pirouettes before falling back down straight into a beautiful lake.

In the middle of this dreamy scene, she receives a cellular phone call to her watch, which she declines to continue enjoying the scenery uninterrupted. The video briefly shows turn-by-turn navigation features available in the stock Maps app for watchOS.

It was directed by film Jonathan Glazer.

Song: “Breathe” by Son Lux

“Apple Watch Series 4 with cellular connectivity,” reads the video’s description. “Now you have the freedom to go with just your watch.”

According to Creative Review, the sky-high sequence was filmed with Glazer in a wind tunnel.

Cellular connectivity is available on Series 3 and 4 models.