Let’s Talk iOS 274: It’s getting sizzling

Let's Talk iOS podcast on iPhone X

New year, new iPhone! Cody and Sebastien talk about rumors of a 3-lens iPhone, the imminent release of AirPower, and more concrete news, such as Apple opening up to TV makers, and more.

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Show Notes

WSJ: 2019’s iPhone XS Max will rock 3 rear cameras, XR’s successor to gain 2 rear cameras

Apple’s allegedly begun production of the elusive AirPower multi-device wireless charger

AirPlay 2 & the iTunes Movies and TV Shows app are coming to Samsung Smart TVs

Apple shares a list of AirPlay 2–enabled televisions

HomeKit for TV allegedly supports controlling power, volume, input source, brightness & more

Shortcuts Focus: how to work around publication paywalls to read articles for free

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