How to quickly track a flight from anywhere on your iPhone

Flight Details on iPhone

Whether you’re preparing to jump on a plane or just waiting for a friend to fly in, you may think that you have to download a special app to track those flights. And, while a specific flight tracking app is certainly a great way to go, especially if you’re a frequent traveler, there is another way.

Here’s how to quickly track flights from anywhere with your iPhone and all you need is the flight number.

Grab the flight number and wake up your phone

1) Open Spotlight Search on your iPhone.

2) Enter the flight number. You can use the airline abbreviation and flight number (ex: AA296) or the full airline name and flight number (ex: American Airlines 296); both work.

You should immediately see results for the flight. You can see a quick snapshot of the airline, departure and arrival dates and times, and the status of the flight.

Track Flights Spotlight Search iPhone

Tap one if you would like to view even more information such as duration, available baggage claim details, and the airline website.

View Flight Details Spotlight Search iPhone

And keep in mind that this works on your iPad as well as your Mac. So, you can check a flight status easily, anytime, from any device with Spotlight Search.

Track Flights Spotlight Search Mac

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Wrapping it up

No matter how often you travel, using your iPhone to help keep track of it all can make your travel less of a hassle. Do you have a specific app that you love for making or tracking your travel plans? Let us know what it is in the comments below or share it with us on Twitter.