Another icon found in iOS gives a more detailed look at Apple’s 2018 iPad Pro redesign

A tiny icon for iOS’s Battery widget, discovered in August, showed an iPad Pro with no Home button and featuring thinner bezels. And now, another higher-resolution icon unearthed from the iOS code has given us a bit more detailed overview of the 2018 iPad Pro form factor.

The icon shows an iPad with rounded corners, no Home button and no notch.

It’s been discovered by Brazilian developer and 9to5Mac contributor Guilherme Rambo, who similarly broke the iPhone X design ahead of last year’s introduction based on a tiny device glyph which he unearthed from HomePod’s beta software.

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“An interesting aspect of this icon is how large the bezels look when compared to the recent iPhones” although this could be due to how the icon is constructed because “sometimes thicker lines are required for it to be readable at smaller sizes,” wrote the author.

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2018’s iPad Pro update, the biggest since its release three years ago, should feature Face ID via Apple’s TrueDepth camera but the design shouldn’t require the notch due to, first, the iPad Pro’s size, and second, the fact that the top bezel might be just thick enough to accommodate the camera system without needing to cut into the screen itself like with iPhones.

Yet another noteworthy observation by the author:

Another interesting detail is that a Sleep button is still at the top, while new iPhone models feature a Side button that’s used to invoke Siri, take screenshots and shut down the device with button combinations. The presence of a Sleep instead of a Side button could be just a design decision for the new iPad. On the other hand, it is possible 2018’s iPad Pro ends up featuring a Side button as this can be an unfinished asset.

The “There’s more in the making” iPad Pro and Mac event will take place on Tuesday, October 30, in Brooklyn at 10am Eastern Daylight Time. iDownloadBlog will be providing detailed live remote coverage of the event so stay tuned because the more you know…

Thoughts on the new iPad Pro design?