Things Apple should do to make Apple TV a solid gaming console, according to developers

Last week, the Apple TV version of Minecraft was pulled from the market due to low usage. Soon after, the folks over at Ars Technica began asking individuals in the gaming community what Apple should do to make its “hobby” device more appealing to gamers. The answers were interesting.

It has been three years since Apple introduced the fourth-generation Apple TV and nearly a year since it added the Apple TV 4K. Both models offer an Apple TV App Store where you can download apps, games, and more.

Since then, we’ve heard lots of rumors about Apple’s growing interest in becoming a player in TV streaming. We’ve heard much less about where the company would like to take Apple TV gaming.

What can be done?

Many of the developers questioned by Ars Technica have mentioned the so-called “controller question.” Unlike true consoles, the Apple TV doesn’t ship with a gaming controller. Plus, there’s no native gaming controller available to purchase separately. Third-party controllers are available, however.

Some think Apple should ship a full-featured controller with every Apple TV sold to better promote the device.

Other suggestions

Developers also suggest Apple TV gaming bundles are also necessary. These could include gaming controllers plus extras like free games. There’s also the suggestion Apple would be wise to offer better hardware with these bundles.

Many also feel Cupertino should do a better job with curation. Part of this could include better communication between Apple and its TV gaming developers.

Ars Technica explains, “Developers who support Apple TV may hope to establish greater familiarity with the people who make those decisions for iOS. Many of the successful iOS developers I’ve gotten to know over the years have privately cited the importance of that relationship to their success.”

This communication could be further enhanced were Apple to attend gaming expos and conferences. That way, it could better market Apple TV as a gaming platform.

Offering better support for Game Center across multiple platforms was also mentioned.

Some also think Apple could make it easier for developers to bring iOS titles to tvOS. Developers are hopeful things are already moving in this direction thanks to Project Marzipan, which allows develops to bring iOS apps to macOS.

Finally, other note that a partnership might be necessary with a company like Sega or Nintendo to push the Apple TV to a new level for gaming.

Bottom line

The last two Apple TV models were a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, since then, there has been little movement on making the living room device better, especially on the gaming front.

A company like Apple has the resources to create a highly successful gaming console. To do so, it should move gaming to a separate device and try to create the next Nintendo Switch. Otherwise, it might be better off sticking with entertainment on Apple TV and ditching gaming.

What do you think should be done with Apple TV and gaming? Let us know below.