NoMoreSkinToneSuggestion prevents iOS from nagging you about skin tones for Emojis

Certain Emojis, especially those depicting hand gestures, support a variety of different skin tones, which are configured on a per-Emoji basis. If you’ve never set a skin tone for a particular Emoji before, then you’re likely to encounter the interface shown above when tapping on it.

While there’s nothing wrong with choosing a skin tone for your Emojis, it’s rather annoying how iOS asks you to select a skin tone for each Emoji individually instead of remembering your choice for all of them. Fortunately, a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed NoMoreSkinToneSuggestion by iOS developer A_H_Rabie prevents iOS from asking about skin tones once and for all.

Once you’ve installed NoMoreSkinToneSuggestions, you can tap on any yellow Emoji from your Emoji keyboard, and it’ll get entered into the text box exactly as it appears. You won’t be asked to select a skin tone for that particular Emoji unless you manually tap and hold on the Emoji from the keyboard.

In retrospect, this is a great implementation, and Apple should really consider implementing a similar improvement in a future iOS update. After installation, the user isn’t pestered to select a specific skin tone every time they tap on a yellow Emoji, but they can still opt to choose a skin tone if they really wanted to.

If you’ve already configured a custom skin tone for every one of your Emojis, then you probably won’t need NoMoreSkinTonsSuggestion. But if you haven’t, and don’t intend to, then installing this tweak can save you a split second’s worth of time every time you tap an Emoji from your keyboard to use it in a text message or elsewhere.

With no options to configure, NoMoreSkinToneSuggestion is super easy to use and works like a charm right out of the box. The tweak is available for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository and works with all jailbroken handsets running iOS 11.

Are you bothered by the skin tone suggestion interface every time you tap on a yellow-colored Emoji from your keyboard? Share in the comments below.